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  • Presenter Preview: Using Inclusive Language to Build Trust

Presenter Preview: Using Inclusive Language to Build Trust

Dr. Suzanne Wertheim is a national expert on inclusive language and the author of The Inclusive Language Field Guide (2023). After getting her Ph.D. in Linguistics from Berkeley, she held faculty positions at Northwestern, University of Maryland, and UCLA.

In 2011, she left the university system in order to apply her expertise to real-world problems.

Dr. Wertheim has been an invited speaker around the US and in Europe, presenting research on language and bias, language and gender, and anthropology and artificial intelligence.

She has done fieldwork with speakers as diverse as Tatar nationalists in the former Soviet Union, Native Americans in central California, comedians in Los Angeles, and female engineers of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

As head of Worthwhile Research & Consulting, Dr. Wertheim now specializes in anaClyEzOing and addressing bias at work. Her clients have included tech giants such as Google and Reddit, financial companies such as Charles Schwab, and national news organizations such as News Nation.

In addition to her keynote speaking on inclusive language and culture, Dr. Wertheim creates customized training for clients based on her original research. She also leads both short-term and long-term consulting engagements.

Dr. Wertheim is at the leading edge of DEIB work on inclusive language. Her course on Inclusive Language at Work has been taken by tens of thousands of learners on both LinkedIn Learning and Cornerstone.

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Using Inclusive Language to Build Trust (Extended Vlog)

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