Treatment for gambling problems is available

Often, a person who receives counseling while living in his or her own community can provide the support and help needed to address the gambling-related problems. This is called “outpatient” treatment. At times, treatment at a residential facility may be needed. This is called “inpatient” or “residential” treatment. Click on the links below to see updated lists of outpatient and inpatient Residential Treatment Services: Certified Treatment Providers in Washington State

Residential Treatment Services

Residential Treatment Facilities are located throughout the United States. The Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling (ECPG) has contracted with three locations to provide residential treatment services for Washington State residents who meet eligibility requirements. Limited funding support is available in Washington for residential treatment.

Do not contact ECPG directly to seek residential treatment funding support. Washington residents seeking funding support must be referred by a Washington State or Nationally Certified Problem Gambling Counselor. Your certified counselor must contact ECPG to determine your eligibility. For a list of Certified Counselors in Washington State, click here.

ECPG-Contracted Residential Treatment Providers:

Finding residential treatment for gambling

Treatment funding support is available from both ECPG and the state problem gambling program, for Washington residents seeking residential treatment and referred by a Certified Gambling Counselor. We are happy to help you find a Certified Gambling Counselor near you.

Help us help others

If you would like to make a donation to support treatment services or contribute to helping those impacted by problem gambling, please contact us.