Know the Signs

Know When to Get Help

It can be easy to mistake Problem Gambling for other issues. Does someone you know struggle with depression and talk frequently about gambling? Do you know someone who has a job but always seems short of cash and desperate to borrow money? There are many signs and symptoms of gambling problems. Knowing what they are may help you to ask the right questions and encourage a loved one or friend to seek help.


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Here are a few common

signs of a gambling problem:

  • Using credit cards to acquire funds to gamble
  • Bragging about or hiding gambling activity
  • Lying about wins or losses
  • The growing preoccupation with gambling, where to get money to gamble with, or what to say to explain gambling losses of money or time
  • A need to bet more money, more frequently
  • Restlessness or irritability when attempting to stop
  • “Chasing” after wins, resulting in greater losses
  • Losing track of time while gambling
  • Neglecting family members in order to gamble
  • Loss of control in spite of mounting negative consequences

Resources for concerned loved ones:


24/7 Help, information, and confidential referrals to free or low-cost treatment in Washington state are available:

call or text 1-800-547-6133, or chat with a Washington Helpline specialist here.