About Responsible Gaming Certification

Most people can enjoy gambling for recreation and entertainment. For some, however, gambling can become a problem. With more and more visitors enjoying gaming as entertainment in casinos and other gaming venues, the need for responsible gaming programs and policies to provide information and education and support gambling addiction prevention and treatment services is crucial. Developing a comprehensive Responsible Gaming Program that addresses Training, Awareness and Education Materials, Policies and Procedures, Marketing and Advertising, Health and Safety issues for your patrons, your employees, and your community is an important way to demonstrate your organization’s commitment as a good corporate citizen.

ECPG has developed programs and services to assist Gaming Leaders to efficiently and effectively address the issues of problem gambling. These programs and services are designed to complement problem gambling awareness efforts currently in place or provide the foundation for new initiatives.

The purpose of this full certification program is to provide all the tools necessary to implement an effective Responsible Gaming Program. Upon completion, managers and supervisors will have a more detailed knowledge of problem gambling/Gambling Disorder and employee gambling; frontline employees will be trained with an emphasis on awareness of the Washington State Problem Gambling Helpline (1.800.547.6133); problem gambling brochures, posters and ATM Stickers will be supplied and strategically placed; a protocol will be created for front-line employees to report problem incidents; and Responsible Gaming Certification will be sanctioned by the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling (ECPG). For more information, or to set an appointment to discuss gambling addiction programs and services available, click here.