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  • Presenter Preview: Say It Loud, I’m Black and Proud

Presenter Preview: Say It Loud, I’m Black and Proud

Deborah Haskins, PhD, is a retired Counselor Educator (25 years), received her PhD in Pastoral Counseling (Loyola College, Maryland now Loyola University MD), is a licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and an Approved Supervisor (MD). Dr. Haskins is an Internationally Certified Gambling Counselor-II, Board Approved Clinical Consultant, International Clergy Lay Problem Gambling and Spiritual Outreach, and Master Addictions Counselor. She is President Emerita (Dec, 2022) of the Maryland Council on Problem Gambling and is a recognized leader for over 20 years in disordered gambling. Dr. Haskins has trained mental health professionals in the U.S and abroad to understand disordered gambling and provide culturally relevant services. Her expertise and publications include gambling disorders, cultural competency, and social justice attuned mental health/wellness. She assists practitioners and faith and spiritual communities with incorporating “mental health delivery beyond traditional formats.” Her current efforts include equipping faith/spiritual communities to support disordered gambling and homicidal loss/trauma advocacy and trainings, teaching diversity in psychology at Johns Hopkins University, working on a book project on culture and disordered gambling treatment, prevention, and community wellness, and “taking time to smell the flowers.”

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Say It Loud, I’m Black and Proud (extended Vlog)

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Deborah Haskins, PhD

President Emerita, Maryland Council on Problem Gambling

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