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Washington State Sports Betting Responsible Gaming Awareness and Media Campaign

Proposal Deadline:  August 15, 2022

Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling
1821 4th Avenue East ▪ Olympia, WA 98506
360.352.6133 www.evergreencpg.org


Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling
Washington State Sports Betting Responsible Gaming
Awareness and Media Campaign

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Section I:  Background

The Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling (ECPG) is a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing services and programs for individuals, families, and communities impacted by gambling and gaming disorders.  ECPG supports and provides programs and services for awareness, prevention, treatment, recovery, advocacy, and research for gambling and gaming disorders.  Founded in 1991, ECPG maintains a position of neutrality on gambling and gaming, recognizing that most people who choose to gamble and game do so for recreation.  For some, however, gambling and gaming can become serious addictions, devastating to the individual, the family and, often, communities.   ECPG believes that working in partnership with a wide variety of community stakeholders, from treatment professionals to recovery community, and from Tribal and commercial gaming industry representatives to state and nonprofit agencies and organizations is the key to providing successful and effective programs and services.  ECPG is seen as a leader in training and outreach programs, and has won numerous awards for our awareness campaigns, including multi-cultural awareness communications, our website, and prevention programs.  Many of our Board and staff members serve on Committees of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), and Executive Director, Maureen Greeley, is the current President of the NCPG Board.  You can learn more about ECPG, including information on programs and services, our Mission and Core Values, and our Board and Staff at www.evergreencpg.org.

Section II:  Purpose and Objectives

A new era of legalized betting is taking root across the U.S., one that is radically reshaping what it means to watch professional and collegiate sports.

For many fans, the days of the once-a-year Super Bowl office pool are a distant memory.

June 18, 2022/npr.org:  Sports betting ads are everywhere. Some worry gamblers will pay a steep price

ECPG is requesting proposals to support Responsible Gaming Sports Betting awareness and support and drive awareness of programs, resources, and services for those in need of prevention, treatment, and recovery supports for problem gambling.  The purpose of this RFP is to procure Advertising, Marketing, and/or PR agencies, individually or as partners, that will provide research and recommendations, create an effective and impactful awareness and media campaign and assets, and deliver content for a comprehensive integrated sports betting responsible gaming awareness campaign throughout Washington State.  This campaign, designed to increase awareness of responsible gaming around sports betting and treatment and support services available to those in need.  Creative development is scheduled to begin September 1, 2022, with a minimum six-month live campaign, participation in an ECPG Twitter Chat Tuesday during National Problem Gambling Awareness Week (March 2022) and a scheduled guest appearance on an ECPG LIVE! segment (ECPG’s Live-Streaming Program) followed by evaluation and final report by April 25, 2023, and presentation at ECPG’s Focus on the Future Conference the week of May 1-5, 2023.   

Section III:  Scope of Work/Deliverables/Strategy

Identification of key target audiences/communication contacts, key links, and key media platforms/channels for outreach based on current demographics of sports bettors in Washington State.  Anticipated Target Audiences include:

  • Sports Fan Base
  • Men ages 21-54
  • College Athletic Coaches/Staff

Assess what and where current messaging exists, which gaps need to be filled.

Create a memorable tagline that encourages responsibility in a positive, direct tone.

Survey of stakeholders to solicit input on Awareness and Media Plan and content.

Focus Groups with representatives of key target audiences on proposed content and communication channels.

Launch integrated plan across all available channels.

Creative Strategy: Plan and Content

The Awareness and Media Campaign Plan will support the following project goals:

  • Increase awareness of the benefits of participating in responsible gambling behaviors.
    • Importance of game integrity – remind them it’s the love of the game, not the wagering, that’s important.
    • Acknowledge that sports betting is happening, but also talk about the value of playing sports, team play, being a fan…
  • Increase knowledge of services and resources available to help those experiencing problems related to sports betting (Helpline, prevention, treatment, recovery).
    • Helpline Awareness
    • Website: recommendations for Sports Betting-Specific Information include, but are not limited to:
      • General awareness of positive play.  Player Health and Safety messages. Setting money and time limits. How to bet responsibly.
      • Increase sports betting literacy – odds of winning, misconceptions, trends such as in-game wagering and parlays with greater risks
      • Legal vs. illegal sports betting – play safe
      • Sports betting is for entertainment only – keep it fun!
  • Identify and recruit potential partners in the Sports and Gambling arenas to participate in Responsible Sports Betting messaging and awareness.

Prepare a minimum of two and a maximum of three Creative Campaign Concepts to review with ECPG and Focus Groups.

Provide recommendations for effective Earned Media Strategies.

Section IV: RFP Requirements, Evaluation, and Schedule

  1.  Please provide a comprehensive Project Proposal containing the following information:
    1. Proposal for how the Agency/Entity will create the comprehensive, integrated Sports Betting Responsible Gaming Awareness and Media campaign for the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling (ECPG).
    1. Two or Three examples of prior public health/ social service awareness campaigns.
    1. Names, titles, and roles of staff who will work on the project.
    1. What elements will be included in the proposed Awareness and Media Campaign given the timeline and budget.
    1. What integrated media channels would you recommend and how would you use them? Include: traditional media; social/digital media; earned media; community spokespeople – pro and former pro athletes, sports podcast hosts, local sports talk show hosts and sports anchors  – In-show live integration (Live reads/lower thirds).
      1. Include creation and media placement for two Responsible Sports Betting :30 PSAs to drive awareness of responsible sports betting.  Spots to run in a variety of places to maximize reach across target audience (in-game; pre-game; sports programming; news programming; digital media).
    1. Added Value/Pro-Bono Components:  As a nonprofit organization ECPG hopes that your proposal will include one or more pro-bono components for added value, whether in production services, matching airtime, or other elements.
    1. Recommendations for website/microsite.  Drive traffic to an informative, custom ECPG microsite/landing page that provides Responsible Sports Betting information and resources.
    1. Evaluation to include ongoing analytics with ability to redirect funds to messaging that seems to best hit the mark.  Evaluate reach and engagement.

Funds budgeted for completion of all components of the Awareness and Media Campaign may be awarded in the range of $300,000 to $375,000 depending on Scope of Work.

Consideration and Selection/Rejection Process

Evaluation and Selection Criteria

In order for an RFP Respondent to be considered for an ECPG Awareness and Media Campaign contract, the Respondent must clearly demonstrate prior successful experience with the development and delivery of awareness/outreach and both traditional and digital/social media products and services.  Preference will be given to Respondents with demonstrated, successful prior experience with the development and delivery of awareness and media products related to public health issues, gambling and gaming disorder, sports awareness and fan outreach, and mental health information and services.

The specific details shown herein shall be considered minimum unless otherwise indicated.

Proposal submissions will be screened for completeness and how responses to requirements meet the purpose and objectives outlined in the RFP. 

Request for Additional Information

ECPG reserves the right to conduct personal interviews, require presentations, or request additional information prior to selection.  ECPG is not responsible for expenses which Respondents may incur in connection with a request for additional information. This includes information that indicates resources as well as ability to provide the services.  ECPG reserves the right to investigate the qualifications of the Respondent as it deems appropriate.  Failure to provide additional information requested may result in disqualification of the proposal.

Proposal Rejection

ECPG reserves the right to reject proposals with or without cause and for any reason, to waive any irregularities or informalities, and to solicit and re-advertise for other proposals.  Incomplete or non-responsive proposals may be rejected by ECPG as non-responsive or irregular.  All information required by this RFP must be supplied to constitute a proposal.

ECPG reserves the right to award, at its sole discretion, all, or part of the required service(s) to one or more qualified Respondents.

Late submittals, additions, or changes will not be accepted and will be returned to the respondent unopened.

Section V:  Terms and Conditions

Proposals Binding

All proposals submitted shall be binding for at least one hundred twenty (120) calendar days following opening.  ECPG may desire to accept a proposal after this time.  In such case, Respondents may choose whether or not to continue to honor the proposal terms.

Representations and Warranties

In submitting a proposal, Respondent warrants and represents that:

Respondent has examined and carefully studied all information provided, and any applicable addenda; receipt of which is hereby acknowledged.

No person has been employed or retained to solicit or secure award of the contract upon an agreement or understanding for a commission, percentage, brokerage or contingent fee, and no employee or officer of ECPG has any interest, financially or otherwise, in the RFP or contract.


The successful Respondent shall be awarded a contract effective from the date of the contract.  This contract may be renewable by mutual agreement of the parties.  Option for renewal will only be exercised upon mutual written agreement and with the original terms, conditions and unit prices adhered to with no deviations. Any renewal will be subject to appropriation of funds by ECPG.  ECPG, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to negotiate terms and conditions with the successful Respondent.

ECPG shall retain the right to cancel the contract at any time for cause.  Such cause for cancellation may include the failure of the contracted Respondent to complete or provide the specified services.  If the Respondent is not performing within the terms and conditions set forth by ECPG, ECPG will notify the Respondent that the contract will be terminated within ten (10) calendar days for cause from the date of the notification letter.  If the contract is canceled, ECPG may elect to award the contract to the next ranked Respondent or reissue the RFP, whichever is in the best interest of ECPG.  The contract may be canceled in whole or in part by either party by giving a thirty (30) calendar day prior notice in writing to the other party.  Any such notice or demand hereunder by either party to the other shall be affected by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested and shall be deemed communicated forty-eight hours after mailing, or by email with read receipt requested and confirmed.

Any and all costs associated with the preparation of a response to this RFP are the responsibility of the Respondent and are not to be passed on to ECPG.

Section VI:  Instructions and Timeline


Questions concerning this RFP shall be directed to Maureen Greeley, ECPG Executive Director, at e-mail address mlgreeley@evergreencpg.org,  and to no other person or department at the ECPG.  Questions and requests must be sent by e-mail and must be received no later than July 25, 2022.  All questions should contain the following information: RFP #SPRG2022.23, Respondent name, address, phone number, email address, and specific questions or comments. 

Technical Assistance Zoom Meeting

A technical assistance Zoom meeting will be held on August 1, 2022, at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time to review this proposal and respond to questions. 

To join the TA Zoom meeting:

Register in advance for this meeting:  https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUkd–trTMqGdRJPAq053gM8mPbWyONGRrX  

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with meeting links.

Refer any questions regarding the Technical Assistance Zoom Meeting to ECPG Social Media and PR Specialist Rob Maya at email: rmaya@evergreencpg.org

Submission and Deadline for Submission and Withdrawal

The deadline for submission of proposals is August 15, 2022.  All proposals should be submitted electronically in pdf format to ECPG Executive Director Maureen Greeley at mlgreeley@evergreencpg.org.  Please include “ECPG Sports Betting Responsible Gaming RFP Response” in the subject line of your email submission.

Respondents may withdraw their proposals by notifying Maureen Greeley, at e-mail address mlgreeley@evergreencpg.org in writing at any time prior to the proposal opening date.

Proposals, once opened, become property of ECPG and will not be returned.

Estimated Timeline

July 15, 2022  RFP announced
July 25, 2022Submission of Questions Due
August 1, 2022 @
10:30 am Pacific Time
Technical Assistance Zoom meeting
August 15, 2022 by
5 p.m. Pacific Time
Proposals Due
August 31, 2022Announcement of completed RFP Award
September 1, 2022Anticipated project start
March 2023Campaign Partner to participate in an ECPG Twitter Chat Tuesday event during Problem Gambling Awareness Month (March 2023).
April/May 2023Campaign Partner to participate in an ECPG LIVE! episode – Live-Streaming Event hosted by ECPG.
April 25, 2023Due Date for Evaluation and Final Reports
Week of May 1-5Campaign Partner to participate in Presentation of Campaign Successes and Challenges at ECPG’s Focus on the Future Conference