Gambling Addiction is a Serious Health Issue

Most people who gamble never develop a gambling problem. They set limits and stick to them. They do not develop a pattern of chasing after the “big win.”

Problem gamblers develop a pattern of compulsively chasing after wins just as heavy smokers seek cigarettes to feel good. Rather than harm the lungs, problem gambling harms mental well-being; the ability to handle money; and relationships with friends, loved ones, and/or business associates. Problem gamblers develop a pattern of lying to themselves and others about how often they gamble and how much they win (and lose). They frequently tell themselves: “I’ll quit after the next big win.” Problem gamblers become physically and emotionally tied to gambling. Most often, they cannot quit without help. Most need specialized help and support to begin recovery.

The Good News: Problem Gambling is treatable and preventable. Prevention of gambling addiction begins with Awareness. Begin here to learn all you can about Problem Gambling and how to get help for yourself or a loved one.