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ECPG LIVE! Self-care Inspiration

Join us as we discuss the importance of self-care, hear from the ECPG staff on ways they stay healthy – emotionally and physically, and share what you have done for your own self-care.  Your self-care methods may be inspiration for others, let’s share good ideas!

Hosted by
Tana Russell, ECPG Assistant Director
[Below is a link to the recorded event]


Virusanxiety.com | Resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty

Mentalhealthfirstaid.org | How to Help Someone with Anxiety or Depressions During COVID-19

Chopra.com | Anxious About the Coronavirus? Here Are Eight Practical Tips on How to Stay Calm and Support Your Immune System

Network for Public Health Law | Supporting Mental Health in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Suicide Prevention Resource center | Resources to Support Mental Health and Coping with the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dadsmove.org| To strengthen the fathers role in raising children with behavioral health needs through education, peer support and advocacy

Calm App | Find Your Calm — Sleep more. Stress Less. Live Better.

Headspace App | We’ll teach you the life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes a day.

Insight Timer App | the largest free library of guided meditations on earth

User Recommended Podcasts

During our live broadcast users gave us their podcast recommendations and we listed them below.

Unlocking Us” by Brene Brown

Armchair Expert” by Dax Shepard

Life is Short” by Justin Long

Ask Me Another” by NPR

ECPG is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or responsible for any of the content provided by any of the resources listed in this blog.