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Season 2 | Episode 3

Julie and Tana discuss the current trends in gaming and gambling convergence, including loot boxes and other monetization strategies within video games. They discuss a 2021 report from GambleAware (linked below) which reviews evidence that links loot boxes to problem gambling and problem video gaming, and provides recommendations for future policy. They discuss what video game warning labels mean, and how that might change if loot boxes start being regulated as gambling. They also talk a lot about food.

Note: After recording this episode, Big Fish Customer Support was contacted about their self-exclusion process to find out if their website developers could make it more stream-lined, and they replied “we are continually looking to improve our procedures and we will raise this with our RG team for further consideration.” They have Responsible Play guidelines on their website and have been invited to participate in a podcast on responsible play and limit setting for apps.

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