Get Culturally Sensitive Resources for Problem Gambling Treatment

Equipping mental health professionals with the training, tools, and opportunities to provide inclusive and effective care for your patients in the Black community.

Highlighting the Critical Link Between Problem Gambling and Mental Health

In the Black community, problem gambling carries significant weight, impacting individuals, families, and the broader community. Here are just some of the facts:

Black Americans experience problem gambling at a rate twice that of White Americans.

Black young adults are 60% more likely to engage in frequent gambling.

People living with gambling addiction have a higher suicide rate than any other addictive disorder.

Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling, believes working hand-in-hand with the community is essential for providing culturally sensitive care. Doing so will build trust, foster open communication, and ultimately, provide more effective treatment.

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Training & Continued Education

Problem gambling’s impact reaches far and wide, affecting individuals, families, and their overall mental health. Specialized training equips counselors to address these complex issues effectively. Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling offers essential training, workshops, and continuing education to equip professionals providing counseling for those affected by gambling. 

Explore our versatile opportunities for in-person and virtual training, certifications, and scholarships.

Apply For Scholarships in the Mental Health Profession

Communities of color need more trained mental health professionals. In the United States, only 4% of therapists and psychologists are Black. These communities need  professionals who understand the unique challenges they face. 


Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling is committed to addressing this gap. We connect you to a variety of scholarships, grants, and training programs to start or fast-track your journey.

Become a Washington State Certified Gambling Counselor

Already a mental health professional? Becoming a certified gambling counselor expands your expertise and allows you to:

Treat clients experiencing problem gambling: Equip yourself with the specialized skills needed to support individuals struggling with this complex issue.

Gain access to valuable resources: Join our network and unlock opportunities for referrals, funding, and professional development.

Download Your Toolkit

By addressing the need for culturally responsive care we can tailor support to better resonate with individuals and their communities. We hope these free resources will help provide a more equitable and supportive environment for individuals and communities affected by problem gambling. 

Let’s normalize culturally-sensitive therapy. 

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