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  • Super Bowl LVIII and the Inescapable Hype of Sports Betting

Super Bowl LVIII and the Inescapable Hype of Sports Betting

Where to Go if Sports Betting Stops Being Fun

The Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling (ECPG), Washington state affiliate to the National Council on Problem Gambling, urges sports fans to Keep It Fun and know the risks before betting on Super Bowl LVIII. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA) nearly 68 million American adults — about 1 in 4 — plan to bet on this year’s Super Bowl, which is a 35% increase above last year’s 50.4 million. That’s an estimated $23.1 billion being wagered on this year’s Super Bowl, up from $16 billion last year.

When you combine the Super Bowl with its commercials and halftime entertainment with the advertising of legal sports betting you will see a steady wave of hype trying to attract the more than 115 million viewers and earn a slice of the sports betting revenue. The near inescapable marketing and advertising creates an atmosphere where consumers, fans, and gambling merge to make the Super Bowl the most wagered-upon sporting event in the United States (rivalled only by the Final Four Tournament).

ECPG understands that most sports fans bet for fun, but there are risks that everyone should be aware of before placing their first or any bet. To ensure anyone who has questions about sports betting and the risks of gambling, ECPG has extended their sports betting media awareness campaign that launched in 2022 with additional outreach elements in the first quarter 0f 2024. The campaign includes ads going out over radio, TV/streaming, digital, and a website dedicated to sports gambling awareness: https://keepitfunwa.org/

“Sports Betting – Like Sports – Should be about fun and entertainment.  When it stops being fun—we want to make sure our community knows there is help and hope. Gambling causes problems for many individuals and loved ones here in Washington and around the country. Our Council offers programs and services for those struggling, their family members, friends, and even employers to address the harm that may result from problem gambling and Gambling Disorder,” Maureen Greeley, Executive Director, Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling.

Where to go if sports betting stops being fun and you have questions:

Know the Signs

There are many signs and symptoms of gambling problems. Knowing what they are may help you to ask the right questions and encourage a loved one or friend to seek help. ECPG set up a Know the Signs page on their website with information on how to know when to get help with a confidential eScreener self-test. https://www.evergreencpg.org/awareness/know-the-signs/

24/7 Live Access to a Trained Helpline Specialist

ECPG offers the Washington State Problem Gambling Helpline that provides 24/7 access to trained helpline specialists that can be reached by phone, text, or by chatting on the https://keepitfunwa.org/ or on their main site https://www.evergreencpg.org/.

Washington State Problem Gambling Helpline is available 24/7 at 1-800-547-6133

Visit KeepItFunWA.org  for more information and tips on Keeping the Game Fun.

If you bet, bet responsibly.  If you, or someone you love needs help because gambling is impacting life negatively, call or text the Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-547-6133.