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Problem Gambling Helpline Expands to Text and Chat!

According to Experian, U.S. smartphone owners between the ages of 18 and 24 send an average of 2,022 texts per month—the equivalent of 67 texts a day. Meanwhile, telephone conversation is in the midst of a “serious decline.” People (especially Millennials) just don’t call each other like they used to, and this has serious implications for the institutions designed to help them through crises. (The Atlantic; July 13, 2015)

In fact, the volume of text messages has surpassed voice calls throughout the United States.  So, how do organizations that offer treatment and support for those affected by addictions meet people where they are?

As 2016 comes to a close, the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling is pleased to announce the addition of text and chat options to our Helpline services! These features will enable those who are gambling online, on their mobile phone,  or on other digital devices to access help the same way they play. By adding text and chat alongside the existing voice Helpline, ECPG is expanding accessibility and increasing privacy for users.

“When someone is ready to reach out for help, we want to be ready by keeping as many lines of communication open as possible,” said Maureen Greeley, Executive Director of the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling.  “Whether someone is in crisis, looking for support, or needs information and referral to treatment resources, our Council wants to ensure easy accessibility to confidential help 24/7.”