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Make A Difference at Run for Recovery

Health, Home, Purpose, Community…

What do these mean to you?  What do they mean to your family?

For many of us, Health, Home, Purpose, and Community are the foundations of a fulfilling life.  For those in recovery from mental health disorders and gambling addiction, these are also the foundations of support that make their recovery possible.

September is Recovery Awareness Month –we invite our friends, colleagues, and all the people who have played a role in supporting those in Recovery or are currently in recovery,  to join us for a celebration.  Join us to Walk, to Talk, to Run (if you’d like) and to Have Fun – together – during the Run for Recovery, sponsored by one of our key partners – Bridgeway Recovery of Salem, Oregon.

Let’s continue to Celebrate the Community we’ve built-together-during the Run for Recovery on Sunday, September 25 at 10 a.m. To register for the run, please visit bridgewayrecoverywalkrun.org and be sure to sign up for Team Evergreen!