Gift Kids A Winning Future, Not Scratch Tickets

When we give kid-friendly gifts and leave the Scratch tickets to grown-ups, everyone wins!

Why Are Scratch Tickets Considered Gambling?

We understand that gifting Scratch tickets may be a tradition or easy go-to, however it’s important to know that this is a form of gambling and it can impact starting addictive behaviors at a young age.

Scratch tickets, like other forms of gambling, involve chance and the potential for winning. This element of chance creates feelings of excitement and anticipation of a reward – which minors aren’t yet developed enough to manage.

When kids are introduced to Scratch tickets at a young age, they may begin to link gambling with positive emotions.

Hear from our Gift Responsibly SpokesPawson, Casey
“Hey kids! My ears could use a good scratching!”

The Gifts We Give Have An Impact

At Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling, we believe in creating memorable moments for kids that shape their futures positively — and we know you do too! So while Scratch Tickets may seem like the perfect stocking stuffer or gift to leave in a birthday card, giving them to anyone under the age of 18 can lead to serious unintended consequences.

We can steer our kids in the right direction by providing other more rewarding gifts for birthdays and other special occasions!

That’s why we encourage gift-givers to choose gifts that set kids up for success and leave the Scratch ticket fun for the grown-ups! After all, Scratch tickets aren’t child’s play.

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Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness—it’s a display of strength. If you or your loved one has been affected negatively by gambling, help is just a click away.

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