GA: Temporary Conference Call Meeting Information

As of Wednesday, 3/18, 2020, Gamblers Anonymous will have an accommodation for all Gamblers Anonymous members who have been told that their regular meeting facilities have been closed due to the current health emergency.

The Board of Trustees Telephone Conference Call Committee has been operating a weekly Telephone Conference Call meeting for the last 6 years. With the approval of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the committee has volunteered to hold daily meetings. Accordingly, there will be a telephone conference call meeting every day of the week at 9:00 PM New York Time, which is GMT -4, lasting for 2 hours. These will meetings are designated as approved Gamblers Anonymous meetings. These meetings are scheduled to continue for a 2-week period, but may be extended additional weeks, if required.

Below are the details to call in for all the meetings.

The telephone conference call platform we are using has local access telephone numbers for 74 different countries. If you are going to call from a foreign country, please use the appropriate email address to request the local calling numbers.

Day Time Call In NumberMeeting CodeEmail for Information and Questions
Sunday 6PM (PST)/9PM (EST) 712-770-5338836083
Monday 6PM (PST)/9PM (EST) 712-770-4925554671
Tuesday 6PM (PST)/9PM (EST) 712-770-4943253824
Wednesday 6PM (PST)/9PM (EST) 712-770-4160611704
Thursday 6PM (PST)/9PM (EST) 712-770-4981872853
Friday 6PM (PST)/9PM (EST) 712-770-4996595094
Saturday 6PM (PST)/9PM (EST)712-770-5335491301

An outgrowth of this surge in online meeting demand brings us a PERMANENT new telephone conference call meeting. Irrespective of the continuity of the 6PM (PST)/9PM (EST) meetings, this Friday 12PM (PST)/3PM (EST) meeting will endure.

DayTime Call In Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Friday 12PM (PST)/3PM (EST )712-770-4979703758

Gamblers Anonymous / GA

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) and Gam-Anon are privately organized groups designed to meet the needs of Problem Gamblers (GA) and family members, friends, and others (Gam-Anon). They make conscientious efforts to meet regularly and respect confidentiality. A list of GA and Gam-Anon meetings for Washington State is maintained by the national organization.

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