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  • Top 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas under $50. #GiftResponsibly

Top 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas under $50. #GiftResponsibly

Do you need last minute gift ideas?

Here are a few ideas for giving the gift of memories.

Tana and Rob put together a quick list of staff picks for anyone who needs a great gift idea without the need to spend a small fortune. The goal is to keep the ideas under $50, provide healthy alternatives to gifting lottery tickets, and focus on giving the gift of memories to your significant other, family, or friends.

Gift a Class: Crafts, cooking, and more! There are a lot of local classes you can gift. Classes range from cooking and baking, crafts, to introduction to fly tying for those who want to try fly fishing.

Shadow Boxes: This one is fun, crafty and a great way to capture and showcase memories. Pickup a shadow box at a local retailer and add memories to it for the person you are gifting it to. Movie ticket stubs, family history items, awards, you name it. Fun to make and gift.

Local Adventure Coupons : Creating your own adventure coupons is fun. Visit your local craft store for fun paper or get creative with your computer printer. Next, find local adventures to gift. Bowling, put-put golf, and skating are a few ideas. Look around your local community and have fun with it.

Games or Puzzles: Grab a fun tabletop game or puzzle section and give the gift of fun nights. Visit your local game shop or puzzle section to find a gift suited for your recipient.

Join a Library Book/Reading Club: Check your local library for book clubs, reading challenges and more. Then gift them to the reader in your life. Want something to wrap? Give a custom t-shirt or bag printed with the name of your group and have fun staying connected through your local library.

Photo Books: Whether you create them yourself on your computer or at your local wellness store. These photo books make great gifts. Load it full of memories and have them printed in a book. There are same day options at your local wellness stores so check to see what options you have.

Build a Hiking Passport: This is perfect for your favorite nature lover or for someone new to hiking in your area. Stop buy your local book store and select a nice passport sized moleskin journal. Then get crafty by printing with your computer (if you’re like me an your penmanship is challenged) or writing in destination hikes that you can all go on based on skill level.

Baking Night In: Do you have a foodie in your life? Are you a foodie and want to share your talents? Either way, you can create a coupon for a foodie challenge. Pick a night in for baking and decorating cookies, pies, meals, and more. Assemble ingredients on the night of your recipients choosing and have fun creating delicious memories.

Custom Ornaments: Swing by your local craft store and pick up everything you’ll need to create custom ornaments together (don’t forget the hot cocoa or hot cider). When completed you will have created a cherished ornament for years to come.

Museum Pack: Stop by your local museum gift shop and pick up a small item or two to wrap and purchase an admission ticket/gift card. The recipient can now go and enjoy the beauty and wonder as a fun day or night out.

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