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  • Spokane Spokesman-Review’s Super Bowl Story

Spokane Spokesman-Review’s Super Bowl Story

Thanks to the Spokane Spokesman-Review for today’s front-page story, covering the nearly $4 billion that will be bet illegally this Super Bowl Sunday.

“At a Super Bowl party near you, most fans will think nothing of pulling out a dollar bill, writing their name on a numbered grid and hoping for the best.

Some will put more on the line. It may be the middle-aged guy in the Seahawks jersey who pulls out a $20 bill and half-covers the grid, “just to make things interesting.”

Or the young woman who was late to the party because she needed to make a quick bet online: $500 on the Seahawks. A little action, as if the game weren’t enough.

The price goes up from there, and so does the human cost, according to experts on compulsive gambling.”

Click here for the full article, which includes resources and signs and symptoms of problem gambling.