Meet the Team

Elizabeth Glavish

We are pleased to introduce the newest addition to the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling team, Elizabeth Glavish.

Elizabeth will be serving as ECPG’s Communications & Outreach Specialist and has a strong background in nonprofit communications, working in both the community prevention and mental health fields before joining the ECPG staff in May 2016. A graduate of Central Washington University, Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Public Relations as well as a B.A. in Psychology, which she is excited to put to use for ECPG.

It was her interest in the psychology behind gambling and behavioral addictions that drew her to ECPG in the first place, and it is her passion for prevention at the community level and her own personal experience of having a family member deal with gambling addiction that led her to accept a position at ECPG.

Out of all the initiatives and campaigns that ECPG is currently working on, Elizabeth holds the topic of internet gaming addiction closest to her heart.

“As a young person, I may only be able to name a few people I know who would be considered problem gamblers,” said Elizabeth. “However, I can easily name more than a few people that I know directly who I can say with confidence have a problem with either internet usage or internet gaming. Both of which are problems that are easily dismissed or overlooked by other treatment and prevention programs, and I am very excited that ECPG has included this aspect of prevention to their mission.”

When she is not working, you can generally find Elizabeth out on one of the South Sound’s many trails or curled up with a cup of tea, her cat, and a good book while weathering out the rain.