It Takes a Community
To Overcome
Problem Gambling

Problem gambling affects us all. Together, we can find a path forward.

We’re here to help those struggling with gambling problems, find help and community.

The Struggle Doesn’t Have to Last Forever

If you’re feeling out of control and unsure how to stop gambling or simply looking for ways to take your life back, know that you are not alone. 

Because of many systemic inequalities, Black Americans are among those most likely to experience problem gambling or gambling-related harms. It is our mission at Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling to ensure that all communities, including Black individuals and communities have the support and resources in place to help prevent, treat, and find recovery supports from gambling addiction.

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What is Problem Gambling?

Remember one thing about gambling:

No matter how much you win, it may never be enough.

No matter how much you lose, it might always be too much.

Problem gambling can affect anyone and is usually noticed when someone’s gambling habits begin causing problems in their life: from mental health, to relationships, to work, etc. It can start small but can get worse, and the most severe form of the condition is called “Gambling Disorder.” 

It can happen to anyone. Anyone. And unfortunately, many will isolate themselves due to feeling shame. Whether you are concerned about your own gambling, the gambling of someone you love, or need assistance and support as a family member impacted by problem gambling, know that you are not alone. We are here 24/7.


Community Changes Everything

Systemic challenges as racism, problem gambling, and mental health are linked. When struggles are connected, so must be our solutions. Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling offers specialized support for the Black community: culturally aware counselors, links to community resources, online tools, and a confidential 24/7 helpline. 

Don’t let problem gambling silence you. 

Reach out to professionals who understand without judgment, who help with sincerity, and who are available to help individuals, couples, and families.

Find Help for Your Family and Loved Ones

When a family member is suffering from the impacts of a loved one’s gambling-related problems, it can feel unbearable. Oftentimes the support they need is the help of a community. We can connect you to resources, counselors, and support groups to help you and your family in the journey to recovery.

Dealing with any struggle takes a coordinated community effort to get to the other side.

Community is what we hope to provide for you. 

Connect with Washington’s 24/7 confidential problem gambling Helpline. A trained Helpline Specialist will always be able to answer the phone to speak with you. Call or text the 24-hour Helpline 1-800-547-6133, or click here to chat with a Helpline specialist.

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