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  • WEBINAR: Reducing Barriers

WEBINAR: Reducing Barriers

Recorded live: Friday, February 24, 2022

In this webinar we will chat about tips and ideas for professionals to reduce barriers to accessing help services, discuss how to promote Problem Gambling awareness while being culturally sensitive, and explore how those struggling can find help for themselves and their families. 

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) 

This is one of two FREE live-streamed webinars leading up to PGAM that are designed to help you approach gambling disorder awareness and advocacy with cultural sensitivity and promote Gambling Disorder Screening Day: March 8, 2022. Learn about these and other events coming up: https://www.evergreencpg.org/attend/

With Special Guests:

  • Priscila Giamassi, NLBHA, NHL PTTC
  • Susie Villalobos, NLBHA, NHL ATTC
  • Ruth Yanez, NLBHA, NHL ATTC

Join us: Live on YouTube and on Facebook Live (Link TBA)