Staying Connected

The ECPG staff may be working from home, but we’re never far away. You can always find us online through our blog, social media channels. Plus, we’re always looking for new ways to continue the conversations with new tools like ECPG Live.

ECPG Live is a new live stream we started that will be hosted by Tana Russell, ECPG Assistant Director. In each episode Tana will explore a current topic like last week’s Self-care Inspiration. Each bimonthly episode will run about 20-30 minutes and give the audience a chance to join the conversation. ECPG Live is currently streamed through our Facebook page with resources being posted to our blog after each episode .

Looking ahead we have a big project underway (we’re very excited) that we can’t wait to tell you about in the few months. Stay tuned and make sure to follow and subscribe to our channels so you’ll always get the news first.

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