ECPG IRL Campaign

If you watched live streaming of the Olympics last week, this ad may already be familiar to you. But what you might not be familiar with is the topic it brings up, which is the idea that, for some, taking time to disconnect from the internet and reconnect with real life is a key to balance and health.

Why is this important?

A 2015 study by the Pew Research Center found that 24% of teens surveyed were online almost constantly and that 92% reported going online daily.

Harmless, right? Nearly everyone has access to the internet these days, so it shouldn’t be surprising that people access it daily. The problem comes when your use of online-based apps, games, and yes, even gambling sites, starts to negatively impact your life. Which is why we felt so strongly about reminding people to put down the phone, look up from the screen, and remember to enjoy life in the moment.

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