Gaming Industry Initiatives

Most people who gamble do so for recreation and suffer no problems.  However, for a small percentage gambling becomes a serious addiction.  While the percentage is small, we in the gaming industry have all seen people with this problem.  Studies indicate gambling industry employees have an even higher incidence of developing gambling addictions than other populations.  As responsible business owners we have a role to play in addressing this issue.

Problem Gambling is gambling that has serious, long-term negative consequences in a person’s life.  Pathological Gamblers are the most seriously affected, losing total control over their gambling.  Problem Gamblers face higher rates of suicide, bankruptcy, and family disruption.

Studies indicate that with education, awareness, and treatment programs in place the rate of problem gambling can actually be lowered even when more opportunities are made available.  As you may know, a small percentage (0.13%) of your B&O taxes goes towards a state program of treatment, education and awareness through the Department of Social & Health Services’ Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery.

Policy Recommendations For Washington Gaming Establishments

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