Time for Twitter Chat Tuesdays!

Join @EvergreenCPG every Tuesday in March to celebrate Problem Gambling Awareness Month and discuss how we can promote #AwarenessPlusAction.

March 2019 Schedule | 11 am – 2 pm PST

  • Tuesday, March 5 – Twitter Chat Tuesday | Co-Occurring Disorders and National Screening Day
  • Tuesday, March 12 – Twitter Chat Tuesday | A New Frontier: Sports Betting & the Blurring Lines Between Gambling and Gaming
  • Tuesday, March 19 – Twitter Chat Tuesday | Hope and Help in Recovery – Supporting Health, Home, Purpose, and Community
  • Tuesday, March 26 – Twitter Chat Tuesday | Problem Gambling: How it Affects Seniors and Families

Twitter Chat Best Practices

If you’re not familiar with Twitter chats, the basic idea is to claim a hashtag – in this case #PGAMChat – and encourage people to discuss this topic on Twitter at once.

With a wealth of information flowing at once, and multiple conversations taking place, tweet chats can seem chaotic and difficult to follow.

But by following some recommended steps, experts and participants can reply, interact and engage with the subject and others to make the most of the Twitter chat.

Six steps to participating in a Twitter chat

  1. All tweets should contain the Twitter chat hashtag being used (i.e. #PGAMChat). This enables them to be linked to the larger conversation taking place.
  1. All answers to the scripted questions should label which question they are answering. For example, if answering the first question, you should write “A1: I believe that….#PGAMChat”; the second question would be “A2: xxx”, etc
  1. If your answer is too long for a single tweet, you can carry the answer over several tweets. To signify that these tweets are related, include the number of the tweet over how many tweets the answer will continue. For example: “A1: I believe that…#PGAMChat (1/3)” “Also, I think that… #PGAMChat (2/3)” “Finally, I think…#PGAMChat (3/3)”.
  1. When the Twitter chat starts, keep an eye on both the official moderator (@EvergreenCPG) for the scripted questions and the hashtag #PGAMChat. It’s recommended to keep both of these tabs open throughout the entirety of the chat.
  2. While monitoring the #PGAMChat feed and your notifications tab, you may come across questions from outside participants. If you wish to answer their question, simply hit “reply” and enter your answer into the text box. Make sure to continue to include the hashtag #PGAMChat.
  1. People are tuning into the Twitter chat to hear from you – feel comfortable sharing resources, be yourself, and to answer honestly.