Ann Gray

Hello, my name is Ann Gray and I am the Problem Gambling Program Manager for Washington State. The Washington State Problem Gambling program is within DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) through the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. Per RCW 67.70.340, DBHR receives .013% of a Business and Occupations (B&O) tax on net receipts from card rooms, pull tabs, and other games of chance, lottery, and horseracing commission. These dollars fund our Problem Gambling program.

The major focus of our program is on treatment, where we spend approximately 85% of our funding. We provide free of charge treatment services to individuals and families who seek treatment in agencies throughout our state, who enter into a contract with us for such services. In addition to treatment, we work collaboratively with the Evergreen Council to support (through a contract) some of their training and prevention initiatives. We provide scholarships to treatment providers, recovery coaches, and counselors to attend the ECPG conferences and quarterly trainings.

I personally work very hard in the areas of outreach and prevention. I work closely with the 23 agencies we currently contract with to provide community outreach, informative presentations, and other support as needed. One of my main areas of focus this past nine months has been on increasing the number of counselors who serve problem gambling clients in our state, specifically in underrepresented and rural areas. I also attend mental health fairs, school district trainings and other community events to share needed information and resources to help individuals and families impacted by problem gambling.

In my free time, I love to spend time with my husband, two grown daughters, and my little dog Piper! I love to travel and have a trip to Spain looming in the near future. I am very fortunate to have a job that allows me to help people access treatment, support, and recovery from an addiction that devastates lives, families, and communities. Feel free to contact me at for any additional information or support.